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Getting started - Getting piCorePlayer up and running on your Raspberry Pi.

If you are using wired ethernet and DHCP, then by "default" piCorePlayer will just work through the Audio out jack on the Raspberry Pi. It will appear on LMS as player called piCorePlayer.


Download piCorePlayer—see How-to download piCorePlayer.


Burn image to a SD card—see How-to burn piCorePlayer onto a SD card.


Insert the SD card and LAN cable into Raspberry Pi, then apply power.


A piCorePlayer should appear in LMS called "piCorePlayer". It can be controlled just like any other Squeezebox player, via:

  • Logitech Media Server (LMS) web interface
  • Software on your smartphone (ie. iPeng)
  • Duet Controller
  • Squeezebox Radio
  • Squeezebox Touch
  • piCorePlayer Simple Controls
  • piCorePlayer with jivelite
  • Squeezeslave on PC


Test "Analog audio" works.

Out of the box, analog audio via the 3.5mm jack will be working.


Select [Squeezelite Setting] > Choose audio output > Audio output.

Click [Save].

Click [Yes] when requested to "Reboot piCorePlayer".


Select [Squeezelite Setting] > Change Squeezelite settings > Name of your player.

Type player name.

Click [Save].

Click [Yes] when requested to "Restart Squeezelite".


Select [Tweaks] > pCP System Tweaks > Host name.

Type host name.

Click [Save].

Click [Yes] when requested to "Reboot piCorePlayer".